A Very Concrete Christmas

Wondering what to get the person who has everything this holiday season? 

We’ve got you covered, friend. In fact, we’ve made it super easy with this gift guide for you based on what they’re into, or what their ~vibe~ Is! 

Let’s get to it, shall we? 

Please note that you may shop our concrete goods online, or at our brick-and-mortar store called “Concrete Jungle,” which is located at 224 East Blvd. in Charlotte, NC. 

 For The Self-Care Queen or King 

How cute will their tub look with this salt cellar filled with bath salts? We high key recommend gifting both. This gift is also great for any of your favorite chefs, but we love the unexpected twist of giving it with the intention of using it to keep Epsom salts in it! 

We also love our incense holders here at Queen City ‘Crete, and we have multiple options for you to choose from! Give them this gift, paired with your favorite incense and let them chill.

While you’re at it, add a soap tray made of concrete, to keep their soap from getting all scummy! 



For The Super Hip Friend

The gift of the season is officially in: and it’s concrete fire bowls! You’re in luck because we have the fire bowls everyone is coveting for both indoor and outdoor use, for a fraction of the price that other stores are selling them for! Your friends will love using this super easy-to-use fire bowl to make s’mores, whether they want to make them inside, or move it outdoors! (You may also want to gift them a bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol, as that’s what these babies run on). These include a tray to put the fire out when they’re done! 

For Your Feminist Friend

It’s no surprise that we love boobies around here! We have boob planters (both large and small), a boob vase, and also a woman’s bod incense holder (or just a mini statue for their desk!) We’re also all about celebrating imperfections around here, so our ladies are anatomically imperfect, just like in real life! Girl power!  

We also have booty planters

For Your Boho Queen or King 

Ask the Universe, and it shall deliver! Which is also what you’ll be doing this Christmas, with the ultimate gifts for your friends with bohemian style! 

We’ll start with the outstretched hand tray, which is a gorgeous addition to any coffee table or bedside table. It can hold earrings, tea candles, or other small trinkets. 

Next, add a Lizzo planter for some texture. 

If you’re really in the giving spirit, we recommend the Squiggles candlestick holder, which will add some amazing depth to their tablescape, shelf, or mantle. May we recommend adding some taper candles from our friend at the Concrete Jungle, The Blush Edit?

For The Music Lover

Have you seen our Rock On hand sculptures

How about our Peace sign trays

All perfect for a lover of peace, love, and rock n’ roll. 


For The Plant Lover 

So this one is probably obvious, but we make tons of planters in stock for all your favorite plant lovers! They won’t be able to resist a Shelfie with any of our planters— in fact, you can go check them all out here! 

Also, if you decide to shop in-store at Concrete Jungle, you can pair your planter with a plant from our amazing partner, Taylfower! 








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